Emerald Valley CBD

Emerald Valley is an Oregon-based CBD retailer focused on eCommerce and trade shows. We developed and populated the website, set up all integrations like shipping and payment processing conducted basic on-page SEO and continue to provide ongoing tech support.

Canna Method

CannaMethod is an online cannabis seed distributor. We developed the website, created all content, took all product photos, and populated and started the SEO process and set up the very complex payment processing which required offshore accounts and customized API. While it is client-managed at this time, it’s a great example of our Woocommerce work.

Sovereign Methods

Sovereign is a manufacturer and online retail of gourmet chocolates and high-end topicals infused with CBD. We built their site, implemented their look, feel and branding and turned it into a full Ecommerce enterprise. We’ve added a Wholesale B2B portal, consulted on an ERP and inventory managment system, integrated the entire company to that system and created a singular online ecosystem centered on their Woocommerce website.