How It Works

We start your core website with some fundamental steps that launch the project in secure and organized ways, such as instituting redundant backups and highly secure development environments. 

From there, we start constructing your website using tried and true methods. Throughout the process, we always use standardized development methods and avoid custom programming unless required. This gives you the ability, if you wish, to change developers with ease, or continue to manage the site on your own.

The Steps

Pre-Development Phase

  • Backups
  • Review client site file and database backup protocol
  • Set up single or two-layer site file and database backup in event of server crash, hack, data loss using plugins and/or FTP to Dropbox and/or Updraft and/or Codeguard
  • Site Clone/Development Server
  • If working on a live site, we institute a development server to keep your live site safe from unintended changes. If a new site, we set a clone up for ongoing improvements.

Primary Development

  • Hosting
  • Set up and configure your hosting account
  • Basic shared or secure dedicated depending on requirements
  • Design and Construction
  • Implement designer look, feel, branding and specifications to website
  • Create template pages
  • Build individual pages and implement client content and images
  • Add all pages to menus
  • Generate separate menus as needed for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Add/integrate social media and share icons to all pages
  • Mobile/Tablet
    • Do modifications to layout, font and format to insure site meets all Google “mobile friendly” specifications
    • Test website in IOS and Android environments for consistency across all platforms


  • Review any 3rd party software/integrations for performance and/or conflicts
  • Set up all 3rd party add ons in tandem with any additional bundles such as social media or popups

Pre-Launch Check

  • Client presentation. We give you a guided tour through the website for your initial feedback. The site will be built exactly to design and contract specs so there will be no surpirses.
  • Client will test site and provide feedback

Site Launch

  • We fully test the website and tweak and implement any client-requested changes
  • We take the site live but keep it in “beta” for a bit to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Client and colleagues test and re-test the site for performance issues
  • We give the all-clear to fully “launch” your site via your social media, newsletters etc.

Additional Bundles and Services For Your Website