Lost Your Shopify Store? We Can Help

If you’re just getting started, let’s make sure you’re launching on the right software.

We can tell you all about it – or you can ask all our clients who we’ve migrated from Shopify to Woo Click here to read about our Shopify Migration Service.

We specialize in helping CBD and Kratom companies migrate, rebuild or relaunch their online stores on Woocommerce after getting shut down by Shopify or when they find that most high-risk merchant accounts don’t integrate with Shopify. Basically what that means is that if you’re selling high risk products like CBD on Shopify, you can’t get paid.

Shopify is one of the world’s leading Ecommerce platorms, and seemingly an easy choice when wanting to start a store quickly and with no programming skills.

But it’s also a private company, you’re playing in their sandbox, and you have no implicit right to use their software for whatever product you desire. In fact, due to the legal grey area of CBD, they have opted to shut down CBD Ecommerce stores – often without warning.

2% More For High Risk Credit Card Purchases On Shopify

Not for nothing: if you opt to work with Shopify and find a high risk payment method – did you know you’ll pay up to 2% extra for using an external payment provider? That’s because Shopify would prefer you use their payment systems, which are excellent for low risk products. But you’ll need to pay an extra 2% on top of your already-high high risk rates. So if you’re paying 6.95% already, well, you’re now paying almost 10% per transaction.

Why Can’t I Use Shopify?

One of our clients heard it right from the CEO himself – CBD exist in a legal “grey” and it’s not worth risking Shopify’s reputation viability by accepting what they consider a “prohibited product.”

Square, Stripe and PayP al don’t like it either, and they put pressure on Shopify for allowing so many CBD companies who in turn try to use those payment processing methods.

Pressure From The Processors

It starts like this: you build a CBD Ecommerce store on Shopify, then you open a Stripe or Square account. 

Well, CBD are considered prohibited products by all mainstream payment processors and the sheer volume of high-risk accounts coming from Shopify is too much to handle. Not to mention that Shopify is a partner in that payment processing – and there’s no CBD store that’s big enough to jeopardize any banking, federal or industrial-sized financing partners just to run cards for a CBD store.

So to preserve and maintain the viability of their payment systems, they can remove CBD stores from their platform.

This can happen without warning. A new had her Shopify store shut down within 24 hours of launch. If you have no warning – you will lose everything – transaction history, images, customer data etc.

you’ll then be left to piece your company back together, while losing money every single day you’re down.

So what do you do? You do it right and you build your high risk store on Woocommerce.

It’s your only option – and it’s an excellent option to boot.