Content Is King

And we treat it like royalty.

A strong, clear and consistent voice that is on-point and in alignment with your branding not only conveys a tight organization but also gives a nice, easy flow through all your marketing channels. And though it doesn’t sound as romantic, well written content plays a big part of your SEO and performance in Google search.

It’s a common mistake for companies to parse out their web, marketing and SEO work among a variety of vendors. This almost always results in a hodge-podge of styles and a lack of consistency that can also reflect itself in Google results.

When we build your website, we also recommend we write all your site content. And your packaging. And your flyers. Because the content must match the SEO. And the SEO work must reflect back consistently across your web-presence. And the web presence back to the branding. 

Having a single point of contact to handle the development and content of your website also makes for a seamless experience for the client.

Having a trusted partner that knows your product from the inside out – so well that they can tell the world about it and sell it on your behalf – is an invaluable asset. It’s also more time-efficient and reduces the number of outside vendors tinkering in your new business.

Blog Content

We’ll write your blog. It’ll be a part of your SEO plan but read like natural content.

You’re an expert but you don’t have time to write your blog. This is leaving your customers without additional content and your SEO sitting with old, stale content.

Thankfully, we’re smart, learn quickly and can take nearly any subject matter and translate it into the language your customers will relate to and understand.

We would be happy to partner with you to learn about your products or services and then create a consistent messaging system via blog or email marketing program to spread your good news.