Consulting and Development for eCommerce and Web-based Businesses

We specialize in eCommerce web development and helping build and support SME online companies. We can play an integral part in helping you build your business – helping you plot, plan, source and implement the right software and services for your company.

We build turn-key websites, which means that they’re functional and ready for business from the first day of launch. We plan, ponder, build, write, code, test and QA your site with incredible detail and the wisdom of experience.




Even if your’e just considering a website, we’re available for consultation to help understand the industries, legal and payment matters, product sourcing, private label, retail sales, software, B2B eCommerce.

We can also connect you with our trusted industry partners who can help you with compliance, digital menus, packaging, dispensary sales. Whatever it is, we know it, or have someone who does.


Plan ahead

For your website, we start with a full assessment of your needs. We learn about you and your company and your goals and plans so we can telegraph out today what you’ll need down the road.

We go through all the options and bells and whistles available for your site. We tell you what works and what usually doesn’t work in eCommerce web development – for owners and customers.

We review your products, pricing, SKU, product photos and chime in when needed. We can pair you with our deign team for logo, branding, look and feel, or we can work with a designer from your side.

We can also help you choose software for shipping, CRM, inventory tracking and more. Or we can integrate your current system.


Build for SEO

SEO shouldn’t be something you do to a site. For us, it is the site. That means we’ve studied your competitors and they keyword landscape before we start the site. This way we ensure we build content, links, titles and tags with performance in Google as top of mind.

Your  site also needs to be lean, fast, navigable, well structured and with excellent mobile layout and performance. Google penalizes slow sites and poor structure.

eCommerce Web development

Ongoing help

Once your site is launched, we can be your ongoing developer. We can play as much a part as you want. We can update products, change content, run promotions, set coupons, run the rewards program and manage the online marketing.

We can provide upkeep and maintenance to ensure your softwares are up to date and your site is running fast. We also upgrade plugins, WP versions and work on servers

Or, you’re welcome to use a new developer. We build everything using universal or common methods so that there’s no complicated mazes of code or things to unravel. Development forensics not required.

Be My Web Guy

Keep it lean

One of the most important parts of good eCommerce web development is keeping the site lightweight and fast. WordPress sites get bogged down by unnecessary plugins. We help you assess your site function and needs, your 3rd party softwares (ie CRM, shipping), and ensure that chosen plugins are error free and don’t cause issues with your website.

When needed, we can modify an existing plugin or build one from scratch to meet your specs.

If we can accomplish the same function of a plugin with a few lines of code, it keeps the site lightweight and with less exposure to malware. We choose and implement site add-ons wisely.

The goal of eComemrce web development is a fast and lightweight site. This makes customers happy. Google too.

Software Development and Offshore Project Management

Our team of developers have the key skills needed for advanced projects beyond WordPress. We develop mobile apps, chat apps, business applications and integrated softwares for CRMs like Salesforce and AI/ML custom code.

We specialize in WordPress and woocommerce customizations and integrations as well as modifying or building WordPress plugins. Weather, delivery, payment processing. . . if you need it we can build it.