If you’ve already got a website we’re happy to give a quick inspection to check it out and give you our  initial feedback. We can also  perform an in-depth top-to-bottom inspection and review – our “100 Point Checkup.

For $250, we’ll tell you everything that’s wrong with your site (and what’s right) and make recommendations based on the goal of what you need your site to be.

We will put the front end/user experience through the ringer and evaluate the look and feel, test the site for speed and performance, SEO-friendliness.

We’ll check your hosting, admin, SSL and security. We’ll check page structure, menu logic, content, and for proper site tagging. We’ll check for errors in code and other factors that can reduce performance or cause issues with Google indexing. 

Most importantly, we’ll make sure Google is happy with your website, visiting it regularly and without errors.

As part of the process, we assign each of the “points” of our inspection a numerical grade and then average them all up for a final result, just like in school. We’ll then set up time to walk you through our findings and make recommendations for going ahead.

If you choose to work with us, great – we’ll apply the $250 to contracts exceeding $2500.

If not, feel free to shop around and use our grade in your search for a developer. We’re happy to help.

Detailed Website Review

It may hurt your feelings