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Web Development Project Management

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Our development methods

Fast, Thoughtful, and and Flexible Development

Project planning involves our detailed, time-tested methods we use for all our websites, be they eCommerce, brand/informational or traditional online stores, in “Bundles” – phases of a project that provide only the services that you need, performed in bite-size chunks.

In tech parlance, the method we follow is called “Agile” – and it’s a customer-focused way to provide fast and transparent development on your website in easy-to-manage phases.

This step-by-step approach gets your site live fast, but also allows you to make changes along the way while limiting the amount of significant overhauls. Frequent “check-ins” and site reviews ensure that your site remains open to the flexible needs of high-risk environments – especially with regards to high risk eCommerce websites which may, for example, need changes in payment processing systems in a moments notice.

Depending on your website, there’s mutually supportive Bundles that are typically done together. For example if you want eCommerce, you probably want shipping too. If you want shipping you probably want to integrate coupons and client retention modules.

There’s a lot of ways to expand the profitability and ROI on your website and you can do them all with our Bundles.

They’re also a nice way to start with a more basic website first then knowing what the estimated time and cost requirements will be for extensions and add-ons. This helps you pace your budget and add to the website incrementally.

We’ll recommend which Bundles you need based our project review and scope discussion and you can decide which ones meet your needs and budget.

Project Flow


It’s critical that all communications between client and developer are organized, traceable and easy to follow. 

It’s also key that all questions, requests for information or content, files and images are dropped into the correct places in easy-to-manage methods.

Providing your content and images in an organized method will be a key to a quick turnaround for your website and prevent additional billing time spent organizing and cleaning up your files. 

We will use any/all of the most common programs for project management and content sharing like Basecamp, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

By preventing the use of long and complicated email-chains, we like to have 100% of client communications in just one place, such as Basecamp. 

We’ll help you get set up – it’s all super easy and will make the project faster, more efficient and even more enjoyable for developer and client.

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