Sell legal cannabis online - THCa, Delta-8, CBD, Oils, Vape, plus Kratom, Spores and Seeds

If you want to sell legal cannabis online or other products like kratom, spores, oils and seeds, you should work with an eCommerce specialist like Green State Labs.

Selling progressive products online has nuances and technical requirements most developers don’t know or understand. Not only for technical reasons such as restricting products to specific zipcodes, but because we have an encyclopedic knowledge of the products, the plants, the science, the legal structure, and how to blend that all into an informed, effective eCommerce websites.

It’s a great system

Woocomerce is the most popular development system in the world, and its ideal if you want to sell legal cannabis online for good reason. It’s universal, widely supported and it’s open source system has a vast array of functions, modules and add-ons that create benefits for your customers and for site owners too. Open source platforms also don’t restrict what you sell, and can’t shut your website down, which is a common occurence with Shopify.

It’s a business asset

Every dollar you put into your website helps build the valuation of your company. As you build it, your SEO performance increases organically, which means investments in the site accumulate over time. Rent-a-website options really are money down the drain.

Oops I used Shopify. Now what?

If you chose Shopify and you sell high risk, there’s a chance you’ll need to migrate your site – or rebuild your site entirely – on Woocommerce. These migrations are complicated, time consuming and expensive, especially if you have a large store. And if you need to do an urgent migration – well, let’s just say we never did a migration that wasn’t an emergency.

Sometimes your site can be shut down without prior notice. It happens. You’ll have to rebuild it from scratch on Woocommerce, and be out of business in the meantime.

Contact us to learn about migrating your site before the flood. Or for an emergency migration.


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